Build your own


The LGDEX is proud to announce its recent affiliation with Hoover and Strong, a 106 year-old jewelry industry leader with an impeccable reputation for high standards and outstanding customer service.  Much like the LGDEX will deal only in ethically-created lab-grown diamonds, Hoover and Strong is an avid supporter of the “green movement” and feels it is their social, environmental and moral obligation to produce beautiful products in a way that does not destroy the earth’s resources or harm its inhabitants.   In an industry where most  products come from the Earth, and the production of a single gold ring can produce 5 tons of environmental waste, they believe that conserving energy and recycling are crucial.  All precious metals used in their products, whether gold, silver or platinum – are 100% recycled.  All their jewelry is made in America and all come with SCS ( Scientific Certification Systems) third party certifications of content.   

With Hoover and Strong as our jewelry manufacturing source, the LGDEX will provide lab-grown diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and pendants – all available in 14 Karat or 18 Karat Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver.  Customers will have several choices from each jewelry category which will always begin with the cherry-picking of their own diamond. Once a gem is purchased from the listings, the rest is easy. Rings, earrings, pendants and more are available in the precious metal of your choice.

See exactly how your ring will look on your hand

A special feature on the LGD/EX website is our unique Interactive Diamond Size App which not only lets you  compare diamond sizes and shapes, it also lets you see exactly what your diamond ring will look like on your hand.  With a simple click you can choose any of the 10 most important diamond shapes, make them larger or smaller, and also see how the ring looks on various skin tones from light to dark.  It is fully responsive and works across all desktop and mobile platforms.  A fantastic tool for any online buyer, it is simple, elegant and informative.  It offers our clients valuable information that can greatly help in the buying process by allowing them to easily compare size differences (carat weight) with their varying prices.