About Us

The Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange is designed to make buying and selling online safe and easy. The Exchange is based in New York City. Our staff has many years of experience in the diamond industry and its procedures are secure and efficient for transactions of any size.

The Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange takes the uncertainty and risk out of purchasing online. Our skilled personnel are proficient in coordinating both national and international transactions. We welcome manufacturers, distributors, brokers, retailers and consumers to register securely and buy/sell with us.
We would especially like to assist manufacturers who are looking for an additional stream of revenue – the ability to increase sales by listing your LGDs with us world-wide.

In order to gain access to the Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange, you only have to register and login. This allows you to search, submit, list and buy or sell LGDs on the exchange. You must also agree to the Terms and Conditions.

There are two ways to list your gems for sale. The first is to submit them to the Exchange. This will allow us to confirm, verify and photograph the items being offered. The second is to list your stones without submitting them to the Exchange. When a listed gem is sold, a 2 ½ % commission is paid to Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange by both the buyer and the seller. When an LGD is listed but not submitted, upon a buyer’s acceptance of cost, the Exchange will contact the seller to request shipment for inspection and verification. Once completed, we ship the purchased item to the buyer after the funds have been received. Standard shipping costs and insurance are paid by the recipient.

All previously issued LGD reports and descriptions offered by the seller are accepted upon verification. Gems are accepted with or without third party reports; however, the item being offered must be confirmed as to the authenticity of the LGD; cut/shape, measurements, carat weight, origin/brand name (if known and documented), along with the seller’s asking price.

The Exchange does not set prices or offers to sell. The buyer and seller will agree on a settlement price. The Exchange will act as a facilitator. Some sellers offer volume discounts.

The inspection/verification process will be conducted by Independent Third Party Gem Labs who will then provide an independent third party report paid for by the seller. If a listed diamond was not submitted prior to purchase, when sold, the Exchange will contact the seller to arrange for shipment to the Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange for verification purposes and subsequent shipment to the buyer. Subsequent shipment is paid for by the recipient.

Loose LGDs: If the submission is for loose stones, the Exchange will list the objective gemological features only; i.e. carat weight, shape, measurements and laser inscriptions (if any). Additionally, the Exchange will post previously issued third party gemological documents along with descriptions provided by the seller. The Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange is not responsible for sellers descriptions and third party reports.

LGDs ALREADY SET IN JEWELRY: If the submission consists of LGDs currently set in jewelry, an Independent Third Party Gem Labs will furnish a report of their findings, thereby providing to both the submitter and to the Exchange, all relevant information needed to be listed.