Submit Listings

Submitting your loose LGD and/or LGD jewelry for posting on our website is easy. However, to be accepted, all products must be inspected and independently authenticated. The inspection verification process will be conducted by Independent Third Party Gem Labs who will provide a report of their findings to both the exchange and the submitter

Every seller who lists on the exchange has choices as to who may view their postings

  1. LGDs may be viewed by in-trade buyers only (B to B)
  2. LGDs may be viewed by both in-trade buyers and consumers
  3. Sellers may list their LGDs or LGD Jewelry at different price levels if they are in the gemstone/jewelry industry. A member of the trade may post their asking prices to (B to B) at one level and a different asking price to (B to C) at a different level.

The Exchange protects sellers by having in-trade buyers (B to B) submit government-issued documentation (Verified Resale Certificate numbers), business references, and full contact details; sufficient proof that the business is currently operating in the gem and jewelry industry.

Seller's identities are always kept 100% confidential assuring them of complete anonymity on the site. In the case where a seller does not want the unique laser-inscribed Diamond Identification Number (DIN) made public until after a sale is consummated, a seller may choose not to reveal the (DIN) number until after a sale is complete.

Products may be submitted by insured carrier, directly to your chosen 3rd party lab. After authentication, the item(s) may be posted on the Exchange. The posting will include: carat weight; shape/cutting style; measurements; origin/brand, (if known and documented), laser inscription and any previously issued reports or descriptions provided by the seller along with the asking price. Upon confirmation, the Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange will forward, via email, its receipt to the seller.

Items may also be listed without submitting to the Exchange. When a listed article is sold, the Exchange will contact the seller to expedite the shipment of the LGD for inspection and verification by the Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange. Once completed, the Exchange will ship the purchased item to the buyer after the funds have been received.

The Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange is not responsible for the information or accuracy of previously issued third party reports or the seller's descriptions that pertain to the LGD being offered.

High Definition Imaging & Photography Services are available upon request, allowing for a fully comprehensive and enhanced online experience while the LGD is listed in the exchange.

The sale of your LGD depends on its sharp, clean appearance. Quality imaging is key. For accuracy and consistency, Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange strongly recommends the use of high-resolution photography or 360-degree interactive videos which allow potential buyers to view your item(s) from every angle as illustrated.

Click this hyperlink to see an example: https://up.diacam360.com/scan/83d7_279270. We suggest that sellers have these images professionally shot or Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange can perform that service for you. The fee for two HD photographs (top and side views) is $20. Each interactive video is $30 per item.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, for only ($20), you can purchase from the Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange, a simple yet extremely effective, MACRO CAMERA PHONE LENS made of optical-grade acrylic. The lens is mounted onto a thick elastic band that stretches across your cellphone and sits directly over the built-in phone lens, creating clear, crisp, high-resolution photos from as close as one inch away.