Selling Laboratory Grown Diamonds

The Lab-grown Diamond Exchange makes selling LGDs online, safe and easy. We welcome LGD manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and brokers to register securely and list with us in order to reach consumers. We would especially like to assist manufacturers who are looking to create an additional revenue stream by listing their LGDs with us for sale worldwide.



There is a 2 ½% transaction fee paid by both the buyer and the seller to the Exchange when your LGD sells. Please research the fair value and price your LGD competitively. A realistic price will inspire a purchase. Upon a sale, the Exchange will take care of all professional packing, shipping and insurance coverage. See Fees and Services. Buyers are responsible for standard shipping, handling and insurance costs including applicable custom duties and/or taxes or country VATS.

By listing with LGDEX, you agree to list with our site for a minimum of 90 days. You reserve the right to sell your LGD privately during this time period and you may remove your listing from our site at any time without penalty. Please update us if you sell your LGD privately.

The LGDEX makes a profit by attending to the immediate needs of both sellers and buyers. Prices are set by sellers. The buying prices are set by the market-buying-public. There are many choices so be competitive and realistic in your pricing.

Over-priced listings or poor quality photos will be declined. A good listing gets good results. For listing help, price questions, fees and tech/Password questions, please email info@labgrowndiamondex.com

Sellers who do not respond to our emails and calls in a timely manner will have their listings removed. Please be courteous and keep us updated on your listed LGDs.



  1. Register securely with LGDEX.org. It allows you full access to the site to buy and sell LGDs. We never share your private personal info. We do not contact you unless we have an offer or a serious question.

  2. Login to your account and navigate to the Create a Listing page.

  3. Follow the directions and provide ALL of the information and photos requested. The sale of your LGD depends on the accuracy and quality of your photos and descriptions. Quality imaging is critical. For accuracy and consistency, LGDEX strongly recommends the use of high-resolution photography or360 degree interactive videos which allow potential buyers to view your item(s) from every angle as illustrated. Click the hyperlink for demonstration: https://up.diacam360.com/scan/83d7_279270. We suggest that sellers have these images professionally shot or LGDEX can perform that service for you. The fee for two HD photographs(top and side view) is $20. Each interactive video is $30 per item.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, for only ($20), you can purchase from the LGDEX, a simple yet extremely effective, MACRO CAMERA PHONE LENS made of optical-grade acrylic. The lens is mounted onto a thick elastic band that stretches across your cellphone and sits directly over the built-in phone lens, creating clear, crisp, high resolution photos from as close as one inch away.

Complete accurate listings with multiple high-quality photos will sell faster and will be approved quickly by our listing staff.

The LGDEX will contact you by email and approve your listing within 48 hours if you have submitted all the information and photos to our satisfaction. If your listing is not posted and you have not received an email from our staff, please login to your account to check the status of your listing.



  1. When a buyer purchases, makes an offer, or asks a question, our staff will contact you by email. We monitor incoming offers and inquiries 24/7 and will notify you when there is interest. Please be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date. It’s important that we can reach you quickly, via email, when a buyer makes an offer.
  2. Our professional staff will work with both parties to facilitate a sale. When a price has been agreed upon, the LGDEX will collect and secure the funds from the buyer. We will then assist the seller with insurance coverage, Packing & Shipping.
  3. Each transaction is unique and will be handled personally by one of our staff members. We are your LGD concierge.
  4. Buyers are requested to open and inspect the purchased LGD immediately upon receipt. When the buyer has approved the purchase, the Exchange will release funds to the seller within 7 business days. Funds may be transferred by LDGEX to the seller via wire transfer or ACH deposit. All transfer fees, if any, will be deducted from seller's funds.


Seller Returns

In the unlikely event that a purchaser buys an item which is not correctly labeled, that purchaser is eligible for a full refund. In the case of a returned item by a purchaser, sellers agree to accept all returns and issue a refund within 60 days of the transaction.