Buying Laboratory Grown Diamonds




The LGDEX is designed to make buying and selling LGDs online, safe and easy. We welcome consumers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to register securely and buy or sell with us. We never share your private information. Sellers set their prices. The true market determines what the buyers pay.


  1. Register securely with LGDEX.org, which allows you full access to buy, sell, create watch lists, sign up for email alerts, and browse our many resources.
  2. Creating an account allows users to view all listed LGDs.
  3. Search the listings for LGDs by shape, carat weight, seller’s description (including measurements and photos), third party reports and price. Our site is optimized for all devices making it easy to browse from anywhere.
  4. To purchase click the To BUY button located next to each listing. Our system will guide you through the rest of the process and one of our LGD experts will respond to you personally.


If you are looking for something very specific and can’t find it in our inventory, send us an email info@labgrowndiamondex.com and tell us what it is... we’ll help you find it. For example:

  1. Colorless round brilliant cut LGD approximately 2.00 carats
  2. Pink Heart shape brilliant cut LDG approx. 1.75 ct
  3. Blue Emerald step cut LGD approx. 3.75 ct


LGDEX is not a software program. We are real people with real expertise in the diamond business who will read and respond to your questions. Work with us and we will work hard for you. If you need help choosing an LGD... a setting or mounting for your wedding or engagement ring... or a pendant, bracelet or earrings, our personal DIAMOND CONCIERGE is here to help you. Simply contact us via our email, info@labgrowndiamondex.com and you will get all the help you need with your choices and purchases


A special feature on the Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange website is our unique Interactive Diamond Size App which not only lets you compare diamond sizes and shapes, it also lets you see exactly what your diamond ring will look like on your hand. With a simple click, you can choose any of the 10 most important diamond shapes, make them larger or smaller, and also see how the ring looks on various skin tones from light to dark. It is fully responsive and works across all desktop and mobile platforms. A fantastic tool for any online buyer, it is simple, constructive and informative. It offers our guests valuable information that can greatly assist in the buying process by allowing them to easily compare size differences (carat weight) with their varying costs.


Purchase requests are monitored by our experienced team 24/7. Our staff will present offers quickly and efficiently to facilitate a sale in a timely manner. We will contact you by email with all updates. We encourage both buyers and sellers to be realistic.

Upon a consummated sale, a transaction fee of 2 ½ % is charged to both the buyer and seller on the total purchase (cost of item plus transaction fee) then sales tax is added where applicable.

LGDEX will collect the buyer’s funds and hold them securely until the transaction is complete. All payments are in US Dollars and can be made via bank wire, Visa, PayPal, Master Card or American Express. The Exchange accepts bank wires and PayPal payments from both our national and international buyers.

LGDEX will safely pack, insure and ship the LGD purchased. We ship to 200 countries by bonded carriers: Malca Amit, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, among others. The recipient is responsible for standard shipping costs, insurance, applicable customs duties, taxes, and VATS. We monitor the entire transaction from beginning to completion. Buyers have 48 hours to approve their purchase. We need your satisfaction in writing by email. When the LGD has been approved, the seller will be paid within 7 business days, via their choice of Payments.

Sellers are responsible for the accuracy, supporting documentation and price represented in each listing. In the case of shipping damage, all packing materials must be saved, the article photographed and reported to LGDEX immediately by email. We will assist you with the claim.


Returns are accepted within 30 days if an item is damaged in shipment or misrepresented by a seller. In the rare case a return is necessary, the buyer must notify LGDEX by email and the item must be placed back in its original packaging with our security seal intact. Any items returned will be refunded to your original payment method. We do not offer exchanges. If you wish to purchase a replacement, collect your refund first and then you are welcome to choose a replacement from the LGDEX website. Please make sure you keep a record of your return shipment as we cannot issue a refund for items that are lost in transit or not received.


Sellers who misrepresent the description or conditions of LGDs or LGD jewelry, will pay insurance, packing and shipping costs both to and from the buyer, back to the exchange for verification and then back to the seller.

If you have LGDs to sell, please Register If you are a manufacturer, broker, distributor, retailer or consumer who would like to list your LGD(s) to sell–please Create a Listing. Listings are always welcome.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Q. How may I be assured that I receive the diamond purchased?

A. You may be assured of receiving the diamond that you purchased by way of viewing on the diamond itself, the Diamond Identification Number (DIN) that is laserscribed® onto the girdle of your diamond

Q. May I return the diamond purchased?

A. Yes, you may return the diamond within 30 days of receipt, providing the LGD that you have received is not as originally described or was damaged in shipping. Returns are not accepted if you have broken the seal of the acrylic high-security package that you receive.

Q. Where do I have my diamond set into jewelry?

A. You may have your diamond set into jewelry at any accredited retail jeweler or equivalent. Many accredited jewelers are members of Jewelers of America.

Q. Who pays for shipping and insurance?

A. Shipping and insurance costs are paid for by the recipient.

If you have additional questions, please email to info@labgrowndiamondex.com

*White LGDs include colorless to the light yellow, light brown, light gray and combinations thereof. The overall body color or lack of body color observed is based.