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Each diamond is certified by independent, third party labs.

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High-tech, lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly.

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Manufacturers of lab-grown diamonds list their inventory for sale on our website. Any diamond or piece of jewelry you purchase is verified by an independent, 3rd party lab before it's shipped to you. It's that simple!

We Believe

In offering manufacturers & consumers the opportunity to reach each other using efficient, cost-effective services which provide the best possible prices for all parties.

Real Diamonds. Real Value.

Lab-grown diamonds start as the seed of a diamond. Each one is then "grown" in a lab using state-of-the-art technology which simulates the exact conditions under which natural diamonds are created.

Lab-grown diamonds are REAL diamonds. They are not fakes, synthetics or stimulants as specified by the FTC.

The difference? Lab-grown diamonds don't require mining. Each one is certified by independent labs. And, you get a bigger diamond for your money.

♦ Environmentally friendly
♦ Ethically sourced
♦ Certified quality
♦ Incredible value

The Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange was created to protect the integrity of the LGD industry as well as offer buyers & sellers a brand new way of connecting in a global marketplace.

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Richard Drucker, President, Gemworld International

publisher of the GemGuide
The LGDEX is a powerful tool for buyers and sellers. Now, there is a valid exchange with transparent pricing. The Exchange is also the basis for information that I then develop into a reliable pricing guide for lab grown diamonds for use by the industry.